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The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation awards grants for projects in the fields of technology, economics, medicine and culture, and for other projects that promote emotional and physical well-being.

Applications are processed on a continuous basis, meaning that there are no predetermined application periods. The decisions are made by the Board of Trustees in accordance with its predetermined meeting schedule.

Applications are submitted using the electronic application system.

Only applications delivered electronically will be considered.

Applications are processed as follows:

  1. Preparations by the Office
  2. Specialist handling
  3. Executive Committee handling
  4. Decision by the Board of Trustees

If you have questions regarding the application process for grants, please contact the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation by email at
If technical problems arise concerning the application form, please contact Application Support by email at


When applying for a grant for scientific research, the application must include the following appendices:

  • A summary of the research plan (max. 3 pages)
  • A technical description of the project, if necessary
  • A résumé or a corresponding document, (max. 3 pages)
  • A list of publications
  • A statement from the person steering the work, if available
  • Recommendations
  • A reasoned cost estimate and financing plan indicating whether the applicant is also applying for funding from other sources. In the handling process attention is paid to the reasonableness of the budget and the number of researchers should be justified
  • The foundation does not apply a full cost model but instead direct costs of the project and an overhead rate of up to 15 percent. The direct costs include salaries (side costs’ share 30–35 percent of the salaries), research consumption expenditure and necessary services but in general no equipment acquisition costs

Criteria for scientific research

Criteria for art and culture projects


When applying for a project scholarship for a workgroup, all group members must be listed in the application and their résumés must be attached to the application.

Organisations’ applications must include copies of the previous year’s annual report, financial statement and audit report.

Grant decisions

Recipients of grants and scholarships will be informed of the decision as soon as possible. Awarded grants are published on the Foundation’s website in the section “Donations granted”.

Negative decisions will be notified by e-mail. The Foundation does not justify its decisions.

Grants are paid through a university or a similar research organisation.

Report to tax Administration

The recipient must include the grant awarded by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation in their tax report.

Statutory pension and occupational accident insurance for recipients of grants or scholarships

Grant recipients living in Finland are obligated to take out insurance with the Farmer’s Social Insurance Institution Mela if they intend to work in Finland for a continuous period of at least four months. Under certain conditions, grant recipients are also allowed to work abroad.

Read more about the insurance, Mela


The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation monitors the progress, impact and grant use of the studies funded by the Foundation. The director of the research project or the beneficiary of a personal grant or scholarship is responsible for reporting and for ensuring that the funding granted by the Foundation is spent as specified in the application.

The beneficiary of the grant or scholarship must report the results of their project annually (long-term donation) or once the project has been completed (short-term donation). Spending must be reported annually to the Foundation.

In addition, the Foundation must be immediately notified if there are major changes to the research schedule, the composition of the research team or other similar matters related to the research during the research project which is funded. The Foundation may request that the beneficiary of the grant or scholarship submit additional reports.

Payment cancellation, grant reimbursement and claim for recovery

If the agreed research or study report is not submitted by the deadline or the Foundation finds that the project is progressing in an unsatisfactory way on the basis of the report, the Foundation may stop paying the grant.

Funding can also be interrupted if the beneficiary of the grant is spending the funding in violation of the funding decision or has failed to give notice of major changes that have taken place during the research project. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has always the right to suspend payment of the grant if there is a particular weighty reason.

If the research or advanced studies are interrupted for some reason, the Foundation may collect the part of the grant already paid that can reasonably be regarded as unspent. A claim for recovery can also be made if the project has been implemented in violation of the project terms.

Data protection

When submitting an application to the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, applicants provide personal information. This information is entered into a personal data register. The controller’s right to collect, store, use and otherwise process personal data is provided by law.

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