Information for grant applicants

The instructions for applicants will provide you with information about the criteria for awarding grants, how to make an application and how applications are processed among other things. Please read the guidelines carefully before completing the application form.

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation awards grants for internationally significant scientific research with breakthrough potential and for art and culture that has the potential to meet demanding international criteria. The Foundation selectively awards grants also among other things for projects relating to higher education, sports and third sector activities.

Who can apply?
  • Finns or individuals, associations and other organizations living or operating in Finland
  • Persons or entities living or operating outside of Finland if the object of the application has a clear and strong connection to Finland.
  • From a doctoral researcher at a stage of independence to an experienced researcher
  • Consortia of more than one working group and/or organization
What can applications be made for?
  • Particularly for long-term projects and broad themes as a rule for working groups and organizations
  • Bold and innovative work
  • Work of internationally high-calibre and significance in the field
  • High-risk Proof of Concept projects
  • Higher education
  • Projects relating to third sector activities
  • New grant for the same project
What are grants not awarded for?
  • Profit-seeking activities
  • On social grounds (purposes falling within the scope of private life)
  • Individual doctoral dissertations, nor for postdoc stage research: a working group may include researchers in the dissertation and postdoc stage
  • To fund studies and for internships
  • As a travel grant
  • For individual small equipment purchases, tools and musical instruments
  • To finance any activity on a permanent basis
  • For activities covered by public service provision
  • If the applicant or project has no fixed connection to Finland

The Foundation only awards grants, and doesn’t make sponsoring
or cooperation agreements, for example.

When can I apply?

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation accepts grant applications every day of the year

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees makes decisions to award grants four times a year. The average time for processing applications is 4–6 months. Read our application guidelines and the times of meetings carefully before completing your application.

The stages below in icons
  • Making the application
    Check our instructions to see which of the four annual  Board of Trustees meetings you would like to process your application. Please note the focus on the meetings on processing specific disciplines. Send your application to us 4–6 months ahead of the meeting concerned. The exact dates of meetings are not public.
  • Processing of applications
    Experts evaluate the applications after which the Board of Trustees makes a decision on grants. Applications are dealt with confidentially.
  • Notification of grant decisions
    We will send you information about the decision as soon as possible after the meeting. Grants awarded are not public until we have published them on our website.

Guidelines for applications and online service

Once you have carefully read the guidelines for applications, you can use your online banking credentials to log in to the online service, complete your application and submit it to us.

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