Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation


The constitutive meeting of the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation took place on 15 February 2002 and the National Board of Patents and Registration in Finland granted it establishment permission on 22 February 2002, whereby the bylaws of the foundation were also confirmed.

The foundation was entered in the Foundations Register on 16 April 2002.

Search criteria

The primary purpose of the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation is to promote and support research in the fields of technology, economics and medicine. The Foundation also supports arts and culture, as well as sports and physical education to promote people’s well-being and the nation’s interests in this respect.

The Foundation realises its purpose by maintaining or supporting research and education activities. The Foundation grants scholarships, rewards and allowances, supports research projects in various Finnish and international institutes and conducts other supportive measures.

The key focus area of the Foundation’s activities is supporting postdoc research at all career stages.

The Foundation will annually distribute a significant share of its capital revenue for purposes of public interest.

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation is a member of the Association of Finnish Foundations. The Foundation operates in accordance with good foundation practices.

Strategic policy 2024–26

We promote internationally competitive science, art and culture.

We invest in innovation in science and art, in bold new ventures – socially significant and empowering activities.

We recognize the need for operating models that support science and art as well as activities that strengthen talent and career tracks.

Our objective is to enable long-term working, but also new kinds of cross-sectoral cooperation. The Foundation’s grants have a major impact on the implementation of projects.

During the strategy period, we allocate science grants to medicine, technology, natural sciences that support technology, and art and culture. We primarily award grants to working groups and organizations. The Foundation also supports, at its discretion, other projects that promote wellbeing in Finland.

The grant policy will be evaluated during the strategy period by actively monitoring the operating environment. When deciding to award grants, the key criteria are the verified capability of the applicant, the boldness and impact of setting the goals and their significance in the sector, as well as the quality and realism of the implementation plan.

Our values are openness, transparency, open-mindedness and excellence. Our operating principles are interaction and flexibility, as well as the active development of foundation work.