Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

For top-level research,
art and culture

The Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation is a private Finnish foundation whose main objective is to promote top-level research, especially in the fields of medicine, technology and economics. The Foundation
also supports high-calibre art and culture and, at its discretion, also other
projects that promote the wellbeing of the Finnish nation.

For Applicants

Can I apply for a grant and how?

You can find the answers to this and other important questions about applications in the guidelines for applicants. Read the guidelines carefully before making an application.

For Grant Recipients

When you have been awarded a grant

The instructions for grant recipients will provide you with information on among other things receiving and payment of the grant. Please pay particular attention to the reporting instructions.

Online Service

In the online service you can make and submit your application and reports, manage your grant information and send payment requests, for example. Please read our instructions carefully. Use online banking codes to log in to the online service.


What kind of projects are we seeking?

We support projects that are significant in their field, bold and innovative. We award grants for internationally competitive activities and are prepared to take risks with applicants.


What are our core principles?

We award sufficiently long and large grants to projects with suitably ambitious objectives. We primarily award grants to working groups and organizations. We are positively disposed toward joint projects in different fields and of different actors.


What do we take into account in projects?

Sum up the relevance of your objectives and project in an understandable way. Describe how your work will change your field or society more broadly. Justify what makes your project special. Prepare a realistic work plan and budget.

”A small nation has only its education.”

– Aatos Erkko


Our articles elucidate the grant operations of the Foundation on current topics from different points of view in the fields of scientific research and arts and culture.

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