Donations Granted


27,169,400 € + 750,000 USD

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial, funding for “The Future Makers Program”

  • Aalto University, Professor Samuel Kaski. Interactive Artificial Intelligence for Driving R&D, 670,000 €
  • University of Oulu, Professor Miika Nieminen. Artificial intelligence guided diagnostics in medical imaging (AIDMEI), 262,500 €
  • Tampere University of Technology, Associate Professor Juha Toivonen. Rapid early warning of bacterial and viral contamination in drinking water by laser analytics, 245,000 €
  • Tampere University of Technology, Professor Pasi Kallio. Revolution in Data-based Fibre Material Science using Microrobotics and Computational Modeling (FibDat), 230,000 €
  • University of Eastern Finland, Professor Jyrki Saarinen. Optics 4.0, 190,000 €
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology, Professor Aki Mikkola. Predictive simulation and control for mobile machines, 115,000 €
  • Aalto University, Professor Katja Hölttä-Otto. Empathic Engineering – Measuring and increasing empathy and impact in product development and digital transformation, 100,000 €

1,812,500 €

American-Scandinavian Foundation, USA

Scandinavia House 2020 project

750,000 USD

Professor Johanna Schleutker

University of Turku

Inherited gene mutations in aggressive prostate cancer

1,285,000 €

Professor Karl Lemström

University of Helsinki

Genomic and personalized medicine in organ transplants

1,250,000 €

Docent Olli Lohi

Tampere University

Genomic tools for evaluation of therapy response and prevention of drug resistance and relapse in childhood and adolescent leukemias

1,177,000 €

Uniarts Helsinki / Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy´s International visitor program and summer academy

1,155,000 €

DMSc Seppo Meri

University of Helsinki

For malaria vaccine research

1,144,000 €

Savonlinna Opera Festival

La Scala opera visit 2019

1,095,000 €

Finnish National Opera Foundation

Immersive opera project 2019–2022

1,070,000 €

Docent Mataleena Parikka

Tampere University

Uusi tuberkuloosin hoitokonsepti – biofilminkaltaiset mykobakteeriyhteisöt lääkekohteina

1,055,000 €

Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Capitalization, State co-funding

1,000,000 €

Academy Professor Eero Castrén

University of Helsinki

Medical research project

1,000,000 €

Professor Matti Nykter

Tampere University

Cell free DNA in cancer care

1,000,000 €

Docent Päivi Onkamo

University of Helsinki / Max Planck -institute Germany / University of Turku

Ancient genes of North-Eastern Europe

947,000 €

Finnish National Opera Foundation

Youth Company 2019–2022

900,000 €

Professor Tom Böhling

University of Helsinki

Novel prognostic factors and precision medicine targets in rare tumors

887,000 €

Docent Maija Vihinen-Ranta

University of Jyväskylä

Finding a way out: herpesvirus egress from the nucleus

665,000 €

Docent Frederic Michon

University of Helsinki

A new vision through stem cell rejuvenation

640,000 €

Professor Matti Lehtinen

University of Tampere

Medical research project

625,000 €

PhD Mikko Frilander

University of Helsinki

Engineered RNA switches for regulating cellular growth and differentiation

621,000 €

Finnish Institute of International Affairs

U.S. Global Role and the Transatlantic Relations Visiting Professorship Programme

580,000 €

Docent Peter Hackman

Folkhälsan Research Center / University of Helsinki

The use of whole transcriptome RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) for research and diagnostics of inherited neuromuscular disease

532,000 €

Professor Taina Pihlajaniemi

University of Oulu

Cell-extra cellular matrix interplay in Cancer – New perspectives and translational potentia

485,000 €

Docent Heli Salmela                    

University of Helsinki   

Lipoproteins as the machinery of gut bacteria´s health effects

445,000 €

Docent Taina Lundell

University of Helsinki

Biofungi – opening of metabolic pathways of wood decay fungi in fermentation and bioconversion of wastes to bioethanol and novel natural products

430,000 €

Professor Mart Saarma

University of Helsinki

CDNF33 peptide in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

390,000 €

PhD Michael Laakasuo

University of Helsinki

Moralities of Intelligent Machines

377,000 €

PhD Kirsi Rilla

University of Eastern Finland

Focus on the basic biology of extracellular vesicles

362,000 €

The Youth Piano Academy

International co-operation

360,000 €

Finnish Heritage Agency / The Finnish Maritime Museum

Presentation of the Battle of Svensksund using new technologies and digital storytelling

349,000 €

Finnish Olympic Committee

Lead Like a Woman project

344,000 €

Docent Johanna Virkki

Tampere University of Technology

Clothing-integrated human-technology interaction (Clothaction)

320,000 €

Sinfoniaorkesteri Vivon Tuki ry (Young Symphony Orchestra)

Activities of the Young Symphony Orchestra 2018–2021

300,000 €

Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Three opera productions 2019–2021

280,000 €

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Finnish National Gallery

The Venice Biennales Scandinavian pavilion 2019

250,000 €

MD Hannele Laivuori

Tampere University / University of Helsinki

Finnpec The Finnish Genetics of Pre-eclampsia Consortium

246,000 €

MSc, PhD Filip Ekholm

University of Helsinki

Synthesis of Novel Carbohydrate Delivery Agents for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

230,000 €

Docent Jari Haukka

University of Helsinki

Hormonal contraception use in Finland: A prospective nationwide register-based study

230,000 €

The Christine and Göran Schildt Foundation

Villa Skeppet project. (Conditional grant)

200,000 €

Professor Heikki Huikuri

University of Oulu

Phenotype and Genotype Profiles of Victims of Non-Ischemic Sudden Cardiac Death

200,000 €

The Royal Academy of Arts

Exhibition of Helene Schjerfbeck in the UK in 2019

114,000 €

Finland Cinematic Oy

Fictional film about Helene Schjerfbeck

100,000 €

PhD Miina Ojansivu

Karolinska Institutet

Lipids and lipid signaling as regulators of mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation

100,000 €

Museum of Technology Foundation

A learning space for early learners in science and technology education

100,000 €

The Defence Guilds´ Federation of Finland, Women’s National Emergency Preparedness Association, The Finnish Reservists’ Association, The Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation and The National Defence Training Association of Finland (MPK)

Project objective is to activate the training organizations’ local and regional collaboration networks for preparedness

93,000 €

Docent Taina Nieminen

Ohio State University, USA

Molecular background of thyroid cancer in young women and familial adenomatous polyposis

64,000 €

PhD Xiaoyu Sun

University of Oxford, UK

Nucleation process as a potential antiviral target in assembly pathway of viral replication complex

52,000 €

PhD Xing Wan

KU Leuven, Belgium

Bacteria-toxic substances produced by bacteriophages, their targets and mechanisms of action

41,000 €

The International Uuno Klami Composition Competition

IV International Uuno Klami Composition Competition 2018–2019

40,000 €

Lahti Symphony Orchestra

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Concert at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti on 6 September 2019

40,000 €

Fiction Finland

Restoration of the film Kahdeksan surmanluotia for global distribution through World Cinema Project

30,000 €

Kunsthalle Helsinki

Exhibition of David Hockney

30,000 €

Finnish Baroque Orchestra

Concerto Grosso – Viking Barokk 2018–2019

30,000 €

Finnish Federation of Graduate Women (Suomen akateemisten naisten liitto ry)

Let´s Read Together Network, Learning material 2018–2019

30,000 €

JA Finland

For an entrepreneurship education program for young people

30,000 €

PhD Sahu Biswajyoti

University of Cambridge, UK

Global enhancer activity maps of human genome using massively parallel reporter assays

25,000 €

Suomen Nuoriso-opiston kannatusyhdistys

J.H.Erkko Literature Competition 2018

7,000 €

Scholarships for Erkko Upper Secondary School of Orimattila

4,900 €