Donations Granted


54,363,580 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

City of Helsinki

New Architecture and Design museum

Conditional capitalisation of the new museum foundation.

20,000,000 €

University of Turku

Turku PET Centre

A New fast total body simultaneous PET imaging for scientific research and clinical diagnostics.

5,000,000 €

Professor Alf Norkko

University of Helsinki

Centre for Coastal Ecosystem and Climate Change Research (CoastClim). 5 years

3,020,000 €

University of Helsinki

Max Plack Institute

Max Planck – University of Helsinki Centre for Social Inequalities in Population Health.

2,000,000 €

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial, funding for “The Future Makers Program”

  • Aalto-University, Professor Sebastiaan van Dijken and Professor Päivi Törmä, Optical control of spin waves for low-power computing, 3 years, 750,000 €
  • Aalto-Universty, Professor Mikko Möttönen, Utilization of the most accurate heat radiation sensor in applications, 3 years, 435,000 €
  • Aalto-University, Professor Pertti Hakonen, Voimakas lomittunut valonlähde kvanttiteknologiseen informaationsiirtoon, 3 years, 250,000 €
  • University of Jyväskylä, Professor Ari Väisänen, Jätteestä seuraavan sukupolven molekylaariksi materiaaleiksi, 3 years, 250,000 €

1,685,000 €

Professor Vesa Kiviniemi

University of Oulu

Target-controlled glymphatic treatment – we will investigate contrast-free imaging of brain glyphphatic function, electroacoustic therapy, and the role of respiratory pulsation in epilepsy. 5 years

1,200,000 €

Professor Alan Schulman

University of Helsinki

PanFaba: A faba bean pan-genome for sustainable protein security. 4 years

1,200,000 €

Professor Mart Saarma, docent Tommi Kajander

University of Helsinki

Identification of receptors for CDNF and MANF – novel molecular mechanisms in cellular stress and disease. 3 years

1,190,000 €

Professor Päivi Peltomäki

University of Helsinki

New approaches for cancer prevention in Lynch syndrome. 4 years

1,173,000 €

Tanssin talo ry

Important International Guest Performances in the Erkko hall of the Dance House Helsinki in 2022 and 2023.

1,000,000 €

PhD Johanna Ivaska

University of Turku

Cancer metastasis – new biological paradigms as drug targets. 4 years

990,000 €

Professor Akseli Hemminki

University of Helsinki

Overcoming current obstacles in solid tumor bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) technology by oncolytic adenoviral delivery. 3 years

950,000 €

Professor Hannes Lohi

University of Helsinki

Of dogs, wolves and men – from genes to brain function. 3 years

938,000 €

Finnish Institute of International Relations

The expansion of the exchange programme related to the U.S.-studies at the Finnish Institute of International Relations, 2021–2023. 3 years

900,000 €

Professor Mika Pettersson

University of Jyväskylä

Graphene-based nerve-machine interface. 3 years

900,000 €

Associate professor Paola Vivo

Tampere University

Human-centered solar smart technology design for healthy aging (SOL-TECH). 3 years

750,700 €

Docent Riikka Räisänen

University of Helsinki/LUT University

BioAnt – Biobased antimicrobial textile finishing agents from plant biomass side-streams. 2 years


Professor Thomas Kietzmann

University of Oulu

New networks linking hypoxia to obesity. 5 years

667,000 €

Professor Paula Elomaa, associate professor Timo Hytönen

University of Helsinki

ASTROS: How meristems guide plant reproductive development? Plant developmental biology. 4 years

612,000 €

PhD Vivek Sharma

University of Helsinki

ComplexIty – Energy and ROS production in mitochondria. 3 years

485,000 €

Professor Varpu Marjomäki

University of Jyväskylä / University of Helsinki

Safe and broadly acting antiviral drugs. 2 years

480,000 €

PhD Maria Lahtinen-Kaislaniemi

Finnish Food Authorithy

Strontium isotope analysis as food authenticity methodology in Finland. 4 years

477,000 €

Kamarimusiikkia kaupungeissa ry

Concert series with chamber music.

450,000 €

PhD Juha Huiskonen

University of Helsinki

CellCargo – Molecular mechanisms in cellular cargo trafficking complexes. 3 years

448,000 €

Docent Rajaram Venkatesan

University of Oulu

Molecular mechanisms of cholesterol import in mycobacteria. 2 years

420,000 €

Doctoe Noora Mäkelä-Salmi

University of Helsinki

IntOat – Interactions of oat macromolecules and their role in the structure formation. 3 years

411,500 €

Zodiak Presents ry

Zodiak 2025 – Development of audience engagement work in the international ecosystem of contemporary dance. 5 years

410,000 €

Assistant Professor Nima Rezaei

LUT University

Process Intensification in Carbon Capture and Utilization using Nano Confinement. 3 years

400,000 €

PhD Kari Kurppa

University of Turku

Eliminating the seeds of relapse – targeting residual disease following cancer therapy. 3 years

398,000 €

Docent Svetlana Molchanova

University of Helsinki

Leucine-rich repeat proteins in the development of motor and attentional functions. (PoC). 2 years

387,000 €

Associate professor Weiwei Lin

Aalto University

Automated Inspection System for Bridges using Drive-By Method and Deep Learning Techniques. 3 years

346,000 €

PhD Mika Komppula

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Pilven ominaisuuksien erityistarkka mittaaminen holografiamikroskoopilla (PERHO). POC. 2 years

330,880 €

Professor Zachary Taylor

Aalto University

All-electronic THz spectroscopy for Hydration Monitoring in Paper Product Manufacturing. 3 years

313,000 €

Docent Joni Turunen

Folkhälsan Research Center

Molecular Mechanism and Treatments of Keratitis Fugax Hereditaria Caused by the Variant in the Inflammasome NLRP3 Gene. 2 years

300,000 €

Docent Hilkka Timonen, professor Markku Vainio

Finnish Meteorological Institute/University of Helsinki

Compact and precise sensor for global black carbon monitoring. POC. 2 years

298,000 €

Associate professor Jose Lado

Aalto University

“Engineering heavy fermions in twisted van der Waals materials”. 2 years

294,200 €

Academy Research Fellow Kristiina Huttunen

University of Eastern Finland

Resolution to Defeat Brain Creatine Deficiency Syndrome. 2 years

293,700 €

Mika Salmi

Aalto University

4D printing of hybrid materials. 3 years

286,000 €

Professor Vesa Olkkonen

Biomedicum Helsinki

Novel Golgi machinery controlling cellular lipid metabolism: Function in diseases of liver and lung. 3 years

285,000 €

Professor Heikki Tanila

University of Eastern Finland

Sleep-related epileptiform discharges in Alzheimer’s disease. 2 years

280,100 €

Docent Carlos Figueiredo

University of Turku

Targeting CD74 in metastatic melanoma – mechanisms, prognostication, and therapeutic opportunities. 2 years

260,000 €

Associate professor Vittorio Fortino

University of Eastern Finland

Combining multi-omics data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for disease subtype and drug discoveries. 3 years

211,500 €

Docent Veikko Linko


Hybrid nanopore devices for unraveling single-molecule interactions. POC. 2 years

200,000 €

Docent Antti Nyyssölä


AEROCOW – Secreted edible protein production from carbon dioxide by bacteria. POC. 2 years

200,000 €

Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Ballet energy for children

200,000 €

Helsinki Cup Oy

Equal girls. 2 years

190,000 €

Hamina Tattoo

International Military Music Festival Hamina Tattoo 2022

140,000 €

John Nurminen Foundation

80,000 €

Punavuoren kamarimusiikkiyhdistys ry.

Euroopan Unionin Nuoriso-orkesterin Suomen-vierailu huhtikuussa 2022 – tapahtumat Helsingissä ja Tampereella

80,000 €

Helsinki International Ballet Competition Association

Helsinki International Ballet Competition

50,000 €

Sinfonia Lahti/Lahden kaupunginorkesteri

The Estonian Festival Orchestra’s concert at the Lahti Sibelius Festival

45,000 €

The Finnish Institute for Children´s Literature

Illustration art of children’s books 1847–2019

30,000 €

Suomen Nuoriso-opisto

J.H. Erkko Writing Contest, Writers of the Future.

8,000 €