Donations Granted


11,405,838 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Professor Päivi Törmä

Aalto University

Room Temperature Superconductivity 2033. 4 years.

2,000,000 €

Professor Annele Virtanen

University of Eastern Finland

Climate and air quality impacts of boreal forest fires. 4 years.

1,200,000 €

Professor Inari Kursula

University of Oulu

Understanding the structure and function of the peculiar actomyosin motor of the malaria parasite. 3 years.

842,000 €

Professor Matti Putkonen

University of Helsinki

Novel materials for energy efficient microelectronics. 4 years.

784,000 €

Emeritus professor, senior physician Klaus Hedman

University of Helsinki

The human tissue virome – comprehensive impact analysis. 4 years.

600,000 €

Professor Pekka Karhunen

Tampere University

Role of bacterial microbiome in the pathogenesis of rupture-prone atheromatous plaque, its diagnostics, treatment and prevention possibilities. 3 years.

600,000 €

Assistant professor Liisa Myllykangas

University of Helsinki

Toward precision diagnostics for the whole spectrum of dementia disorders – a neuropathological and genetic study. 3 years.

600,000 €

Assistant professor Matilda Backholm

Aalto University

A new method to resolve the mechanical forces constraining plant root growth. 4 years.

496,000 €

Academy researcher Tuomo Valkonen

University of Helsinki

Optimointia inversion epäkleudisissa avaruuksissa. 4 years.

480,000 €

Espoo City Theatre

International Top Productions 2024–2027. 3,5 years.

478,000 €

Mikkeli Music Festival

Guest concerts of London Philharmonia at Mikkeli Music Festival 2023–26.

400,000 €

Docent Petteri Oura

University of Helsinki

Translational Forensic Neuropathology – FINNE Project. 3 years.

400,000 €

Assitej Finland

Bravo! International festival of performing arts for young audiences– Development project for international performance visits 2023–2026. 3 years.

320,000 €

Ph.D. Kirill Murashko

University of Eastern Finland

Aerosol-based technologies in advanced composites production for lithium-sulphur batteries. 3 years.

314,000 €


Professori Laeticia Petit

Tampere University

Composites fibers as new white light source. 4 years. PoC.

300,000 €

Professor Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen

University of Turku

Molecular mechanisms of RAB24-mediated proliferation, adhesion and migration of cancer cells. 3 years.

298,000 €

City of Hamina

International Military Music Festival Hamina Tattoo 2024. 2 years.

250,000 €

Professor Pertti Panula

University of Helsinki

Disease modeling using CRISPR/Cas method in zebrafish: widening horizons. 1,5 years.

226,000 €

Docent Shiqi Wang

University of Helsinki

Quantitative analysis of endosomal escape and intracellular delivery via bioorthogonal luminescent reaction (BioLure). 3 years. Proof of Concept.

200,600 €

Docent Christopher Jackson

University of Helsinki

Genome-wide identification of cell fitness rescue pathways to mitochondrial dysfunction. 3 years.

187,000 €

MD Elina Urpilainen

University of Oulu

OmGel – The development of new predictive in vitro method for precision medicine in ovarian cancer. 5 years.

152,400 €

Professor Peter Richard


Engineering white-rot mushrooms for lignin valorization. 1 year.

135,300 €

Docent Jukka Kero

University of Turku

Unravelling Molecular Mechanisms of Thyroid Disorders -from Human Phenotypes and Family Pedigrees to Functional Analysis and Mouse Models. 1,5 years.

108,000 €

Suomenkielisen Kouluviestikarnevaalin Tukisäätiö

Running Relay for Finnish schools on Olympic Stadium 2023.

30,000 €

Erkko General Upper Secondary school

Stipends 2023.

4,538 €