Donations Granted


36,587,300 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Tampere University

Convergence of humans and machines. 6 years.

3,000,000 €

Professor Anna-Liisa Laine

University of Helsinki

Research Centre for Ecological Change. 5 years.

2,440,000 €

University of Oulu

Advanced steels for a green planet. 5 years.

2,000,000 €

Research professor Merja Penttilä, professor Samuel Kaski

VTT, Aalto University

Virtual laboratory for Biodesign: Use of artificial intelligence in enzyme design for synthetic biology. 4 years.

1,950,000 €

Professor Satu Mustjoki

University of Helsinki

Discovery of precision immunotherapies for blood cancers. 4 years.

1,636,000 €

Aalto University Foundation sr, Aalto University InstituteQ

InstituteQ Doctoral School In Quantum Technology. 2–3 years.

1,500,000 €

Professor Vincenzo Cerullo, professor Seppo Ylä-Herttuala, professor Dario Greco

University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University

Towards precision immunotherapy for malignant glioma. 4 years.

1,498,000 €

Professor Olli Gröhn

University of Eastern Finland

Multiscale assessment of epileptogenicity in the human brain – for better diagnosis and treatment of drug-refractory epilepsy. 3 years.

1,483,000 €

Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Finnish National Ballet Youth Company. 3 years.

1,200,000 €

Academy Professor Lauri A. Aaltonen

University of Helsinki

Unraveling the genesis of uterine leiomyoma. 5 years.

1,195,000 €

Academy professor Olli Raitakari

University of Turku

Gut microbiota driving chronic disease risk during the life-course. 4 years.

1,116,000 €

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial, funding for “The Future Makers Program”

  • Aalto University, professor Sun Zhipei, Ultra-miniaturized spectrometers with high-performance, 3 years, 650,000 €
  • Tampere University, professor Humeyra Caglayan, High-speed 3D Microscopy , 3 years, 450,000 €

1,100,000 €

Professor Johan Bobacka

Åbo Akademi University

Development of sustainable technologies for electrical energy storage based on biomaterials and 3D printing (SUSTEC). 4 years.

1,000,000 €

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters

Phenomena maps: development initiative for improving the societal impact of research evidence.

1,000,000 €

PhD Alexander Kastaniotis

University of Oulu

Drilling down the mechanisms linking mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis to nutritional state signaling and human disorders. 4 years.

796,000 €

Professor Mikael Ehn

University of Helsinki

Oxidation Reactions of Organic Emissions from Forests. 4 years.

737,000 €

Docent Maija Vihinen-Ranta

University of Jyväskylä

Impact of cellular structures on nuclear egress of herpesvirus capsids. 3 years.

726,000 €

Professor emeritus Rik Wierenga

University of Oulu

Human collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase: structural enzymological understanding and drug discovery research for fibrotic diseases and cancer. 4 years.

724,000 €

Docent Peter Hackman

Folkhälsan Research Center, Biomedicum Helsinki

Improved diagnostics and therapeutic options for neuromuscular disorders. 3 years.

705,600 €

Professor Kari Eklund

University of Helsinki

Necrotizing fasciitis – from genetic errors to molecular pathogenesis and targeted treatment. 3 years.

700,000 €

Academy Research Fellow Jussi Hepojoki

University of Helsinki

The rogue satellite? – Cross-species transmission potential and disease associations of kolmiovirids. 5 years.

667,000 €

Professor Iiris Hovatta

University of Helsinki

Myelin plasticity in anxiety disorders. 4 years.

666,300 €

PhD Vladislav Verkhusha

University of Helsinki

Development of optogenetic technologies for cancer research and therapy. 3 years.

626,000 €

Professori Laura Airas

Turun yliopisto

Exploring microglia and astrocyte-driven pathology in multiple sclerosis using multimodal MRI and PET imaging. 5 vuotta.

600,000 €

PhD Mikko Finnilä

University of Oulu

Novel imaging methods for evaluating bone and cartilage repair. 4 years.

600,000 €

PhD Muhammad Muniruzzaman

Geological Survey of Finland

Machine Learning surrogate modeling for risk assessment and water quality prediction at mining sites. 4 years.

560,000 €

Docent Nicolas Di-Poï

University of Helsinki

Unraveling the developmental mechanisms underlying craniofacial diversity and disease. 3 years.

549,000 €

Professor Eveliina Repo

LUT University, University of Eastern Finland

Versatile and stable metal-organic frameworks coated onto 3D substrates. 4 years.

525,000 €

Docent Mohieddin Jafari

University of Helsinki

Functional Omics for Network-based Drug Combination Therapy: Integration of Thermal Proteome Profiling and Deep Metabolomics. 4 years.

513,300 €

Assistant Professor Heikki Nieminen

Aalto University

An ultrasonic method to overcome shortcomings of ex vivo gene therapies. 3 years.

497,000 €

Professor Pekka Koskinen

University of Jyväskylä

Towards sustainable metal economy: designing interfaces to stabilize two-dimensional metals. 4 years.

450,800 €

Docent Elisa Närvä

University of Turku

Pluripotency Directed Cancer Fight. 2 years. Proof of Concept.

388,500 €

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Ballet energy for children. 2 years.

360,000 €

Sibelius Society of Finland

XIII International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition 2025. 4 years.

350,000 €

Assistant professor Christian Flindt

Aalto University

Quantum computer assisted design of quantum materials. 2 years. Proof of Concept.

300,000 €

Docent Sami Ventelä

University of Turku

Biomarker-based identification of cancer aggressiveness and design of individual cancer treatment. 2 years. Proof of Concept.

300,000 €

Zodiak Presents ry

Development of international sales and marketing of dance and circus, production and touring activities and increase of knowledge capital. In cooperation with the Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, the Cirko – Centre for New Circus and the Dance House Helsinki. Proof of Concept. 1–2 years.

300,000 €

Docent Arto Pulliainen

University of Turku

Enigmatic toxin-antitoxin systems in Mycobacterium tuberculosis – what do they do, are they druggable? 2 years.

295,000 €

Professor Teemu Ojanen

Tampere University

Entanglement in many-body quantum systems. 2 years. Proof of Concept.

272,000 €

Turku Music Festival Foundation

Turku Music Festival presents three major international artist icons in 2023. 1,5 years.

250,000 €

Professor Per Saris

University of Helsinki

Can Desulfovibriobacteria cause α-synuclein aggregation leading to Parkinson´s disease? 2 years. Proof of Concept.

209,000 €

Professor Noora Kotaja

University of Turku

Germline epigenome in the maintenance of male fertility and transgenerational offspring health. 2 years. Proof of Concept.

200,000 €

Finnish Cultural Institute in New York

Finnish Contemporary Art at Performa Biennial in New York.

100,000 €

Mikkelin Musiikkijuhlien Kannatusyhdistys ry

International orchestra visits at the Mikkeli Music Festival.

100,000 €

The String Academy

Operational development of the String Academy. 1–2 years.

100,000 €

The Youth Piano Academy Finland

The Youth Piano Academy Finland. 1–2 years.

100,000 €

Docent Juzoh Umemori

University of Eastern Finland

Amelioration of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms by restoring the function of parvalbumin-positive interneurons. 3 years.

90,000 €

Kansainvälisen Uuni Klami -sävellyskilpailun kannatusyhdistys ry

V International Uuno Klami Composition Competition 2023–2024.

70,000 €

Suomenkielisen Kouluviestikarnevaalin Tukisäätiö

Running Relay for Finnish schools on Olympic Stadium 2022.

30,000 €

Suomen Nuoriso-opisto

J. H. Erkko writing contest 2022.

9,500 €

Erkko General Upper Secondary school in Orimattila

Stipends 2022.

2,300 €