Donations Granted


21,021,350 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Professor Lauri Aaltonen

University of Helsinki

Unravelling hereditary cancer susceptibility through whole genome sequencing of Finnish cancer materials

2,504,700 €

University of Helsinki

Erkko Fellow program

2,500,000 €

Professor Mikko Hallman and professor Mika Rämet

University of Oulu

Spontaneous preterm delivery: susceptibility genes and timing of childbirth

1,500,000 €

Professor Jukka Jernvall

The genome of the Saimaa ringed sea

A 10,000-year natural experiment University of Helsinki

1,320,000 €

Professor Heikki Joensuu and associate professor Outi Monni

University of Helsinki

Targeted treatment in head and neck cancer

1,200,000 €

Professor Mika Rämet

University of Tampere

Development of novel vaccine against tuberculosis

1,000,000 €

Crisis Management Initiative

CMI Engaging high-profile women in conflict resolution

900,000 €

Finnish National Opera Foundation

900,000 €

PhD Iiris Hovatta

University of Helsinki

814,000 €

Professor Irma Thesleff and PhD Marja Mikkola

University of Helsinki

660,000 €

Professor Raimo Tuominen

New protein kinase modulators for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease – An academic drug discovery project aiming at new therapeutic entities

640,000 €

American Scandinavian Foundation

Jane and Aatos Erkko Fund

500,000 €

Professori Bjarne Udd

Finding the diagnosis and cause for thousands of Finnish patients with unknown neuromuscular disease

483,000 €

PhD Katri Koli

University of Helsinki

Gremlin and TGF-ß /BMP signaling balance as a new therapeutic target in fibrosis and cancer

440,450 €

Helsinki Missio

Three year project

440,000 €

PhD Timo Myöhänen

University of Helsinki

411,600 €

Savonlinna Opera Festival

Italian opera house visit in 2016

400,000 €

Helsinki Festival

International orchestras visit to Helsinki Music Center (2015–2017) during the Helsinki Festival

300,000 €

Professor Seppo Parkkila

University of Tampere

The role of carbonic anhydrase-like proteins in the development of neurodegeneration

294,000 €

PhD Anne Panhelainen

University of Helsinki

The effect of the novel cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor (CDNF) on the function of dopamine neurons in Parkinson’s disease model

210,000 €

PhD Jaakko Pohjoismäki

University of Eastern Finland

The molecular mechanisms of mtDNA recombination and their role in oxidative damage response in mammalian heart mitochondria

200,000 €

Professor Pia Arenius

Hanken School of Economics

Study of the entrepreneurial startup process: How individuals seek to start new businesses in Finland (STEPP), 2014–2018

200,000 €

PhD Merja Voutilainen

University of Helsinki

Role of Novel Neurotrophic factors CDNF and MANF in genetic models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

200,000 €

Hamina Tattoo International Military Music Festival

200,000 €

Helsinki Think Company

University of Helsinki

From Science to Entrepreneurship

195,000 €

Professori Markku J. Lampinen

Aalto University

Research and development of multistage effective glucose fuel cell

189,000 €

PhD Luis Bimbo

University of Helsinki

Dendrimersomes as Artificial Cellular Reactors for Therapeutics

152,000 €

Military conductor Raine Ampuja

123,000 €

PhD Sisko Tauriainen

University of Turku

Pathogenesis of Parechovirus type 4 in neural cells

105,000 €

Into liikkeessä ry, Tero Saarinen Company Borrowed Light and HUNT

100,000 €

MD Jukka Pajarinen

Stanford University, USA

Biological Strategies to Extend the Lifespan of Artificial Joints

90,000 €

PhD Matti Lahti

Goodman Cancer Center, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Met Signaling in Tumorigenesis and Implications for Drug Resistance

90,000 €

Valo ry

International Working Group on Women and Sport IWG

6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport 2014

87,300 €

Harbour Icebreaker S/S Turso Association

80,000 €

PhD Kirsi Ketola

Vancouver Prostate Centre, Canada

70,000 €

PhD Ville Veikkolainen

Deciphering the combinatorial code for epithelial pattern formation

67,900 €

Professor Mikko Juusola

University of Sheffield UK

From wiring to brain function in Drosophila; the role of intrinsic activity

66,000 €

PhD Jussi Tikkanen

Antibody-mediated rejection in lung transplantation

60,000 €

Crusell International Oboe Competition 2014

60,000 €

PhD Mikko Stenlund

Non-equilibrium and extended chaotic dynamical systems

45,250 €

PhD Johannes Leppä

California Institute of Technology, USA

Measurement of the enhanced growth of charged particles and development of parameterization of distribution of charges in a bipolar ion environment in varying conditions

41,000 €

MA Hanna Lignell

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Understanding Particle Phase Chemistry of Biogenic and Aromatic Secondary Organic Aerosol

40,000 €

Associate Professor Esa Korpi

National University of Singapore

34,000 €

PhD Rami Madanat

Harvard University, USA

Incidence of adverse reactions, reasons for revision surgery, and outcomes following metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty – a registry based study

31,000 €

Tanssin talo ry

The Dance House

30,000 €

PhD Gonghong Wei

University of Oulu

Genemic Approaches to Identify Diagnostic Markers for Prostata Cancer

30,000 €

Docent Jari Laukkanen

University of Cambridge, UK

The Value of Electrocardiography and Lifestyle Factors in Predicting and the Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death and Cardiovascular Mortality

22,000 €

Midnight Sun Pipers ry

Helsinki Pipes and Drums

5,250 €

Scholarships for Erkko Upper Secondary School of Orimattila

4,900 €