Donations Granted


44,927,400 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Aalto University

Establishment of the Bioinnovation Centre

10,500,000 €

Professor Kati Hanhineva

University of Turku

Novel plant-based foods: impact on health and role for fermentation. 4 years

1,648,000 €

Adjunct Professor Antti Rannikko

University of Helsinki / HUS / Tampere University / TAYS / Aalto University / University of Turku

Prostate cancer – towards personalized diagnostics, screening and treatments (PASSIONATE). 4 years

1,525,000 €

Adjunct Professor Juha Klefström

HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center / University of Helsinki

Clinical translation of new VeMA immunotherapy for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. 2 years

1,495,000 €

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial, funding for “The Future Makers Program”

  • University of Vaasa, professor Heidi Kuusniemi. INdoor navigation from CUBesAT Technology, 3 years, 550,00 €
  • Aalto University, professor Robin Ras, Mechanically durable water-repellent coatings, 3 years, 300,000 €
  • Aalto University, professor Matias Palva. Digital medicines for the treatment of brain diseases and maintenance of brain health through new game technology, 3 years, 250,000 €
  • Aalto University, professor Arto Visala. Sustainable and cost-efficient semi-autonomous forest machine system for the climate challenged future, 3 years, 200,000 €
  • Aalto University, professor Mikko Alava. Intelligent foams: new biobased materials from foam by means of artificial intelligence, 2 years, 175,000 €

1,475,000 €

Tero Saarinen Company (Into Liikkeessä ry)

Productions 2020–2024. 5 years

1,400,000 €

Professor Ville Kolehmainen

University of Eastern Finland

Electrical impedance tomography – a novel method for improved diagnostics of stroke. 3 years

1,328,000 €

Professor Olli Vapalahti

University of Helsinki

New methods to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and other zoonotic viral threats. 3 years

1,142,000 €

PhD Daniela Bezuidenhout

University of Oulu

Harnessing earth-abundant 3D metals for ammonia activation and functionalisation. 4 years

1,104,000 €

Professor Ilkka Julkunen

University of Turku

Biology of the coronavirus: Properties of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 virus, diagnostic development as well as the analysis and monitoring of immune response. 3 years

1,100,000 €

Academy professor Anu Wartiovaara

University of Helsinki

Virus defence and Viking genes at the crossroads of epileptic mechanisms. 3 years

1,000,000 €

Professor Anna-Liisa Laine

University of Helsinki

Research Centre for Ecological Change. 2 years

993,000 €

Professor Jukka Westermarck

University of Turku

New target mechanisms for treating RAS-driven cancers. 4 years

975,000 €

Professor John Eriksson, Professor Lea Sistonen

Turku Bioscience Centre / Åbo Akademi

DUAL-TARGETING OF HPV_DRIVEN CANCERS – Eliminating E6 and E7 oncogenes and the protein quality control in cancer cells. 3 years

968,000 €

PhD Heli Skottman

Tampere University

3D biotulostusteknologia ihmisen sarveiskalvon rakentamiseksi toiminnallisista kantasoluista – Näkökyvyn biotulostajat sokeutta vastaan. 3 years

965,700 €

Professor Timo Otonkoski

University of Helsinki

Towards understanding embryo development and placenta functionality. 3 years

960,000 €

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture

International education and research for art, design, media and architecture (Aalto ARTS Summer School)

949,000 €

Professor Lari Lehtiö

University of Oulu

Targeting tankyrase protein-protein interactions and enzymatic activity as anticancer strategies. 4 years

945,000 €

PhD Juho Helaja

University of Helsinki / Aalto University

Bio-sourced green catalytic technology for high value chemicals. 4 years

934,000 €

Adjunct Professor Merja Kontro

University of Helsinki / Åbo Akademi

Channelling of antibacterial compounds from waste to promote human health. 3 years

930,000 €

Helsinki Events Foundation (Helsinki Festival)

International orchestra and dance visits 2021–2023

900,000 €

Academy professor Pekka Lappalainen

University of Helsinki

The actin cytoskeleton of Leishmania parasites as a new drug target. 3 years

780,000 €

Docent Theo Kurtén

University of Helsinki

ATMOspheric DIMERization mechanisms driven by relativistic effects. 5 years

725,000 €

PhD Nikolai Tkachenko, professor Karoliina Honkala

Tampere University / University of Jyväskylä

Light activation of molecular catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction (LACOR). 3 years

716,000 €

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Buffalo, New York, USA

The AKG Fund for Nordic Art and Culture. Conditional.

700,000 €

D.Sc. Pedro Nardelli

LUT University

Swarming Technology for Reliable and Energy-aware Aerial Missions (STREAM). 2 years

600,000 €

Docent Ville Paavilainen

University of Helsinki

Secretion mechanisms of small peptide hormones. 3 years

597,000 €

Associate professor Tarja Sironen

University of Helsinki

Next-generation sequencing approaches for combinating the antibiotic resistome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 3 years

563,000 €

Academy researcher Biswajyoti Sahu

University of Helsinki

Transposable elements as lineage-specific enhancers in cancer. 3 years

550,000 €


ARS22 anniversary exhibition.

500,000 €

FaT Šárka Lehtonen

University of Eastern Finland

Molecular crosstalk between astrocytes and microglia in Parkinson`s disease. 3 years

498,000 €

Adjunct Professor Cory Dunn

University of Helsinki

Revealing new cellular components controlling peroxisomal assembly and the response to peroxisomal dysfunction. 3 years

477,000 €

Adjunct Professor Santtu Mikkonen, Dr. Tech. Panu Karjalainen

University of Eastern Finland / Tampere University

Estimation of particulate emissions from the vehicle fleet by measurements under real driving conditions and in aging chambers. 3 years

465,000 €

Ateneum Art Museum / Finnish National Gallery

Finnish classical art abroad.

450,000 €

Professor Emeritus Mikael Skurnik

University of Helsinki

Phage therapy – a biological method for treating (resistant) bacterial infections. 2 years

428,500 €

PhD Vootele Võikar

University of Helsinki

Behaviour and welfare of laboratory mice – enhancing scientific validity and credibility by refining the framework. 3 years

360,000 €

FiBO Finnish Baroque Orchestra

International Concert Series in Musiikkitalo, Helsinki. 3 years

318,000 €

Adjunct Professor Fabio Valoppi

University of Helsinki

Engineered oleogels for body weight management. 2 years

303,000 €

Adjunct Professor Jukka Kallijärvi

Folkhälsan Research Center

GRACILE – new disease mechanisms and potential treatments for neonatal mitochondrial diseases. 3 years

300,000 €

Professor Antti Poso

University of Eastern Finland

Development of a new SurA antibiotic against resistant gram-negative bacteria. 4 years

291,000 €

Adjunct Professor Peter Richard

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

New tools for the metabolic engineering of fungi for aromatic compounds. 2 years

257,000 €

PhD Kari Koivuranta

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

PlastBug2 – Microbial degradation of plastic waste. 2 years

253,000 €

PhD Annamaria Mesaros

University of Tampere

Guided audio captioning for complex acoustic environments (GUIDE). 2 years

248,300 €

Adjunct Professor Katri Selander

University of Oulu / Turku

Harmful impacts of immuno-oncological cancer treatments on healthy tissue. 2 years

210,000 €

Professor Andre Ribeiro

University of Tampere

Robustness of Gene Regulatory Networks to Genome-Wide Perturbations. 2 years

200,000 €

D.Sc. Tom Bäckström

Aalto University

Authentication between Speech Operated Devices Using Acoustic Fingerprints. 2 years

187,600 €

Cantores Minores Support Association

International cooperation projects.

150,000 €

Adjunct Professor Otto Hemminki

University of Toronto

Full analysis of the tumour antibodies of cancer patients receiving immunotherapy. 2 years

140,000 €

Ministry of Education and Culture

Financial emergency aid to arts and culture professionals due to coronavirus outbreak.

100,000 €

Dance Info Finland

Ice Hot Helsinki 2020–2022.

100,000 €

SHED Helsinki Foundation

Joint performance by British an Finnish youth at the Chickenshed Theatre in London, the Helsinki City Theatre and schools in the Helsinki area.

94,400 €

Turku Music Festival Foundation

Three international visitations in 2021–22 invited by artistic director, conductor Klaus Mäkelä. 2 year

75,000 €

PhD Xing Wan

KU Leuven Belgium / University of Helsinki

Validation of the molecular targets for bactericidal proteins from bacteriophage origin. 1 year

41,000 €

Suomen Nuoriso-opisto

J.H. Erkko Literature Competition 2020.

8,000 €

Erkko General Upper Secondary School in Orimattila


4,900 €