Donations Granted


2,688,000 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Professor Anu Wartiovaara

University of Helsinki

Children’s mitochondrial disease research

1,625,000 €

Professor Kai Kaila

University of Helsinki

Brain-derived diseases in preterm and other neonatal infants

360,000 €

Researcher seminars of the Erkko Chair

University of Tampere

210,000 €

Icebreaker S/S Turso


175,000 €

Forum Marinum

Creation of documentation principles for historically significant vessels 2008–2010

88,000 €

Finnish Library Association – Suomen kirjastoseura

Centennial celebrations

65,000 €

Vesa Oja

For a documentary photo exhibition “Finglish” – Finns in North America

53,500 €

Märket lighthouse

For reconstruction

50,000 €

Helsinki International Ballet Competition 2009

20,000 €

Finnish Library Museum Association

To support the activity and a photo exhibition

10,000 €

Finnish Forum of the European Cultural Foundation

To support the anniversary year activity and publication

5,000 €

Dr Juhani Koivisto

For writing the biography of Opera director Alfons Almi

5,000 €

Canadian West Coast Korsukuoro choir

To support the Finnish tour in August 2009

5,000 €

The Music Friends of Kuopio

To support the Kuopio XI national violin competition

5,000 €

Erkko Upper Secondary School of Orimattila

Erkko scholarships

4,500 €

Ballet dancer Lilli Dahlberg

For participation in a course at Boston Ballet School

4,000 €

The National Defense Training Association of Finland

To support the association’s orchestras

3,000 €