Donations Granted


27,461,400 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Professor Hannes Lohi

University of Helsinki

Improving the dog genome knowledge as a model for human health.

1,500,000 €

Professor Mart Saarma

University of Helsinki

CDNF – A Completely New Treatment for Parkinson´s Disease

1,485,000 €

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation and Technology Industries of Finland Centennial, funding call for strategic research ideas

  • Aalto University, Martti Mäntylä. 5G meets Industrial Internet (5G@II), 940,000 €
  • Aalto University, Antti Oulasvirta. Self-optimizing web services, 370,000 €
  • University of Jyväskylä, Matti Haukka. 3D-printing materials for recovery of metals, 370,000 €
  • Aalto University, Mari LundströmBen Wilson. Biorefinery Side Stream Materials for Advanced Biopolymer Metal Coatings, 470,000 €
  • Tampere University of Technology, Jussi HalmeMinna Lanz. Seamless human-robot interaction, 430,000 €

1,290,000 €

Docent Vesa Kiviniemi

Oulu University Hospital

Glymphatic pulsations in neurodegenerative diseases.

1,200,000 €

Professor Timo Otonkoski

University of Helsinki

The role of Early Genome Activated Genes on embryo development

1,150,000 €

Professor Ilppo Vuorinen

University of Turku

Biobank of ticks in Finland

1,120,000 €

University of Tampere

Fundraising Campaign

1,000,000 €

Tampere3 project

1,000,000 €

Finnish National Gallery

Fundraising Campaign 1.1.2016–30.6.2017.

1,000,000 €

Professor Jari Hyttinen, professor Ville Kolehmainen and professor Samuli Siltanen

Tampere University of Technology, University of Eastern Finland and University of Helsinki

Stroke classification and monitoring using Electrical Impedance Tomography

950,000 €

Professor Akseli Hemminki

University of Helsinki

T-cell Therapy of Cancer

900,000 €

Professor Mikael Skurnik

University of Helsinki

Phage Therapy – a biological approach to treatment of (antibiotic-resistant) bacterial infections

850,000 €

Professor Veli-Matti Kähäri

University of Turku

Molecular portraits of human skin cancer – a novel approach in clinical diagnostics

800,000 €

PhD Varpu Marjomäki and academy professor Hannu Häkkinen

University of Jyväskylä

Novel probes for discovering anti-virals

650,000 €

PhD Kalle Saksela

University of Helsinki

HIV Infection

650,000 €

PhD Fallarero Adyary

University of Helsinki

Novel Quorum Sensing Inhibitors to target Bacterial Biofilms Infections

640,000 €

Professor Peter Slotte

Åbo Akademi

How do ceramides and their strctural analogs form pores in mitochondrial membrane which may cause protein leakage.

605,000 €

PhD Sanna Lehtonen

University of Helsinki

A novel approach to prevent the progression of type 2 diabetes and development of its cardiovascular complications

590,000 €

Dr Merja Voutilainen

University of Helsinki

Optimizing CDNF and CDNF variant delivery and efficacy in preclinical ALS models- towards successful clinical trials

543,000 €

Juilliard School / Sibelius Academy

Orchestra co-operation 2017

Partly cancelled

520,000 €

PhD Tanja Tarvainen

University of Eastern Finland

Quantitative imaging using light and sound

500,000 €

Professor Cecilia Sahlgren

Åbo Akademi

Regulation of Notch3 by Pim kinases – novel possibilities for Notch targeted therapyin breast cancer

478,000 €

Helsinki Missio ry

444,500 €

Professor Marko Vauhkonen

University of Eastern Finland

Functional 4D imaging in PET and fMRI

434,000 €

Academy Professor Kai Kaila

University of Helsinki

390,000 €

PhD Jonathan Massera

Tampere University of Technology

AGATE: bioActive Glass scAffold for Tissue Engineering

390,000 €

Professor Janne Ihalainen and associate professor Veikko Linko

University of Jyväskylä and Aalto University

Modular photoswithable nonatweezers for controlling biochemical reactions

376,000 €

Helsinki Festival

International orchestra visits to Helsinki Music Center (2018–2020)

360,000 €

PhD Harri Piitulainen

University of Aalto

Proprioception in sensorimotor integration in health and disease

350,000 €

Professor Perttu Lindsberg

University of Helsinki

Acute stroke treatment – from biomarkers to novel therapy targets

350,000 €

D.Sc. Mikko Hokka

Tampere University of Technology

Evaluation and automated monitoring of the functioning of the heart during heart surgery

330,000 €

PhD Vootele Voikar

University of Helsinki

Housing environment and species-specific behavior of laboratory mice – implications for animal welfare and behavioural neuroscience

320,000 €

Finnish Chamber Orchestra

Youth orchestra project 2017–2019

300,000 €

PhD Minna Kaikkonen-Määttä

University of Eastern Finland

Functional interpretation of enhancer variants associated with T2D and CAD

291,000 €

Docent Timo Myöhänen

University of Helsinki

Prolyl oligopeptidase (PREP) – a common inducer for protein aggregation diseases and a potential therapeutic target for neurodegenerative disorders.

260,000 €

PhD Michael Laakasuo

Moralities of Intelligent Machines

240,000 €

The Youth Piano Academy

International co-operation 2016–2019

240,000 €

PhD Kira Holmström

University of Helsinki

Investigating the therapeutic potential of alternative respiratory enzymes in neurodegeneration

220,000 €

PhD Petri Turhanen

University of Eastern Finland

H-Cat; a green chemistry tool for organic additon and substitution reactions

219,000 €

PhD Jaakko Pohjoismäki

University of Eastern Finland

Mitochondrial hormesis in the maintenance of cell health

210,000 €

Docent Matti Jauhiainen

Minerva Foundation Institute for Medical Research

Role of Angiopoietin-like proteins 3, 4 as regulators and biomarkers in lipid and glucose metabolism

202,000 €

Association Edistyksellinen nykytanssi ja -baletti yhdistys (ENBY)

Susanna Leinonen Company (2017–2019)

200,000 €

PhD Venkatesan Rajaram

University of Oulu

Structure and cell entry mechanism of mycobacterial mammalian-cell-entry-1 proteins.

200,000 €

Museum of Contemporary Art


Finnish National Galleri ARS17, 2017

200,000 €

PhD Päivi Onkamo

University of Helsinki and University of Tübingen, Germany

Ancient Fenno-Ugrian genome

200,000 €

PhD Andre Ribeiro

Tampere University of Technology

Pioneering the Engineering of Synthetic Genetic Circuits to Control Cellular Processes

184,000 €

American Scandinavian Foundation

Independent Finland – Images of the Modern Woman. Exhibition in New York 2017

175,000 €

Crusell Music Festival

International flute competition 2017

60,000 €

Artists´ Home Erkkola / Tuusula museum

Publishing of a non-fiction book and an art book of J.H. Erkko and Erkkola

60,000 €

PhD Katja Näreoja

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Molecular Basis Of Nucleosome Structure And Functioning: Histone Tail Adp-Ribosylation

34,000 €

Sulasol, The Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association

Nordklang16 Educational Choral Festival 3.6.–7.8.2016, Turku

20,000 €

Cathedral of St John the Divine

Produce Rautavaara Vigilia performance at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine New York City 2016

20,000 €

Scholarships for Erkko Upper Secondary School of Orimattila

4,900 €