Donations Granted


32,289,600 € + conditional decision of 15,000,000 €

(the amount may include granted donations not yet published)

Tanssin talo ry

Conditional decision for The Dance House Helsinki project

15,000,000 €

University of Helsinki

375. anniversary

3,000,000 €

Professor Henrik Meinander

University of Helsinki

Driving Forces of Democracy: Context and Character of the Democracies in Finland and Sweden, 1890–2020

1,700,000 €

Professor Mart Saarma

University of Helsinki

CDNF – A Novel Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

1,600,000 €

Professor Johanna Myllyharju and professor Peppi Karppinen

University of Oulu

Hypoxia response pathaway as a target for novel therapeutics

1,500,000 €

PhD Jukka Westermarck

University of Turku, University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi University

Novel targeted therapy for brain cancer

950,000 €

PhD Olli Lohi

University of Tampere

Leukemia research

750,000 €

PhD Teija Kujala

University of Helsinki

The neural basis and biomarkers of dyslexia

700,000 €

Tero Saarinen Company / Into liikkeessä ry

Development project

620,000 €

Professor Juha Partanen

University of Helsinki

Characterization of the neurons controlling motivated behavior – towards better diagnostics and therapy of psychiatric disease

570,000 €

Professor Leena Ukkonen

Tampere university of Technology

Biomedical Sensing Systems Based on Backscattering Communication

500,000 €

PhD Anna-Liisa Laine

University of Helsinki

The metapopulation research

375,000 €

The Martha Organization

376,000 €

PhD Anna-Liisa Levonen

University of Eastern Finland

The role of transcription factor Nrf2 in cancer

300,000 €

PhD Frederic Michon

University of Helsinki

A new vision through stem cell rejuvenation

286,500 €

PhD Hongbo Zhang

University of Helsinki

Porous Silicon Based Multifunctional Nanoshuttle for targeting Intaracellular Drug Delivery

283,000 €

PhD Pieta Mattila

University of Turku

Cytoskeletal Control Of B Cell Activation: From Receptor Signalling To The Immune Response

275,000 €

PhD Satu Kuure

University of Helsinki

The role of intracellular signaling cascades in congenital renal malformations

260,000 €

PhD Inari Kursula

University of Oulu

Characterizing the function of the peculiar actin-myosin motor of the malaria parasite

250,000 €

PhD Edite Figueiras

University of Tampere

A multi-physical hybrid imaging tool based on optical projection tomography, selective plane illumination microscopy, electrical impedance tomography and  X-ray micro- computed tomography

235,500 €

Professor Marja-Liisa Riekkola

University of Helsinki

227,000 €

Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Top international soloists in Helsinki Music Center 2015–2018

200,000 €

D.Sc Tanja Kallio

Aalto University

Development of efficient electrocatalyst for direct glucose fuel cells

190,000 €

PhD Daniel Abankwa

University of Turku

Targeting a new mechanism of tumour associated Ras mutations

181,000 €

DSc Gyöngyi Kovacs

Hanken School of Economics

Cascading innovation upstream the supply through procurement process

161,000 €

PhD Matti Vornanen

University of Eastern Finland

Validation of zebrafish as a model for human cardiac electrophysiology

146,000 €

PhD Tanja Pessi

University of Tampere

The development of molecule bacteriological methods for the pathogenesis and predicting risk of cardiovascular disease

135,000 €

Tanssin talo ry

The Dance House in Helsinki. International activities 2014

130,000 €

Professor Ulla Puistola

University of Oulu

Metformin (M) in breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer

117,000 €

Professor Jukka Hyönä

University of Turku

Eye movements as indices of readers’ perceptual span: Effects related to special features of Finnish

102,000 €

University of Helsinki

Helsinki Challenge seminar

100,000 €

Cantores Minores

The Choir of Boys and Young Men of Helsinki Cathedral. Activities for 2014

100,000 €

PhD Lari Lehtiö

University of Oulu

Selective Tankyrase Inhibitors as Cancer Drugs

100,000 €

PhD Jouni Takalo

University of Sheffield

Neural mechanism of integrating “what” information in object perception

100,000 €

PhD Sari Vanhatupa

University of Tampere

100,000 €

PhD Kari Tikkinen

University of Helsinki and McMaster University

Clinical Urology and Epidemiology (CLUE) Working Group

94,000 €

Professor Ville Kaila

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The molecular function of biomimetic water-splitting catalysts

89,000 €

PhD Gonghong Wei

University of Oulu

Genomic Approaches to Interpreting Prostate Cancer GWAS Results

72,000 €

PhD Laura Kerosuo-Pahlberg

California Institute of Technology

The role of Myc oncogene family members in neural crest formation and self-renewal

60,000 €

The Sibelius Academy

Academy Winds performance at the Midwest Clinic, Chicago 19.12.2014

50,000 €

PhD Kalle Rytkönen

Yale University

45,000 €

PhD Tatu Mäkinen

University of Toronto, Canada

Minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty – prospective randomized multi-centre trial

45,000 €

Kuopio Dance Festival

40,000 €

Tapiola Youth Symphony

China Tour 9.–20.10.2014

31,000 €


Design Innovation Course

25,000 €

Heinävesi Music Festival

The Opening Concert, Se ensemble, Erkki Lasonpalo, conductor, Monica Groop, mezzo-soprano, Juha Kotilainen, baritone

15,000 €

Jessica Oreck

Myriapod productions, New York, USA

Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys

12,000 €

K.L. Oesch´s memorial association

For writing the biography of K.L. Oesch

10,000 €

PhD Nuutti Vartiainen

Lyon Neuroscience Research Center

10,000 €

Kuopion Musiikinystäväin Yhdistys ry.

The Kuopio XII national violin competition 4.–11.1.2015

10,000 €

Jääkäripataljoona 27:n Perinneyhdistys ry

10,000 €

Scholarships for Erkko Upper Secondary School of Orimattila

3,600 €